We understand the needs of clients as well as potential clients who want to start and do business in Croatia. Accordingly, we conduct all preparatory actions and representation for the purpose of founding new companies and status/register change of the existing ones, for Croatian citizens and foreigners, and we provide services of representation before competent bodies for all work and business permits.

Furthermore, we carry out due diligence and offer legal support in case of realization and execution of investments.


When purchasing, gifting, founding a pledge right over a real estate, in case of a lease of business premises or agricultural property, apartment or other legal affairs connected to real estate, our law firm can offer complete legal support – from drafting agreements to representation in proceedings in order to acquire rights.

We undertake legal actions to arrange and match the status of land registry and cadastral status with the actual state. We advise and represent our clients in judicial proceedings for the purposes of possession, ownership and other real estate rights protection. We also carry out individual land registry correction proceedings and provide counseling connected to real estate management.

For our clients, for both domestic and foreign investors, we conduct due diligence of legal documentation relating to real estate, and for foreigners we provide counseling regarding acquiring ownership of real estate in Croatia.


As a result of longtime experience of its members, the law firm provides services of representation in judicial, executional and other proceedings before courts and other bodies. We actively participate in negotiations and put effort in dispute resolution, all with the aim to protect our clients and their interests.


The firm provides complete legal support regarding the application of labour law legislation. Our services include drafting of labour contracts, management agreements, confidential agreements and providing legal support to employers when complying with the demands of the regulative authorities in conducting all types of activities, as well as support with drafting all internal acts such as internal procedures, systematization of work places and individual decisions which regulate labour relations.

Except for the above, we provide counseling and representation before the courts in labour disputes as well as before administrative bodies for the purpose of obtaining business connected permits and work permits for foreigners.

Our team has experience in conducting collective negotiations from drafting collective agreements propositions to active leading of negotiations.


We follow changes connected to movement of foreigners, their business in Croatia and their needs which demand knowledge of specific legal regulation. Therefore, we advise and represent foreign citizens in administrative proceedings whose aim is to acquire residence in Croatia – such as proceedings for permits, for residence and work (in and out of annual quota), EU blue card, temporary residence and permanent residence. We provide legal support and counseling for foreign citizens regarding acquiring Croatian citizenship and represent them in proceedings in order to acquire the same.

Also, we advise foreign citizens about the possibilities, ways and conditions for acquiring ownership of real estate and founding companies and we undertake all actions regarding the same.


After the General data protection regulation (GDPR-EU 2016/679) came into force, legal subjects are obliged to comply their business with the new regulation. For that purpose, we provide complete legal support – from determining the type and amount of personal data which are subject to processing, to composing internal acts and necessary notices regarding data processing.

We conduct risk assessments concerning data protection, draft contracts with the processors and provide complete internal compliance of subjects which have to apply the regulation.


Intellectual creations are foundations of new values and successful economies. Therefore they demand prompt and adequate protection for the purpose of maintaining and increasing value in the market.

Our firm can provide advice in the area of intellectual property as well as representation in court proceedings and in administrative and other proceedings for the purposes of trademark and industrial design protection and other rights of the intellectual property including copyright and other related rights.


Due to our innovative software solution, we provide our clients with fast and efficient initiation of different proceedings for the purpose of debt collection regarding all execution objects (real estate, vehicles, monetary claims etc.) while taking into account expenses of the proceedings and achievement of solutions such as court and out of court settlements. We actively take part in claims purchase and advise clients who are interested in acquiring a claim in order to acquire ownership over real estate.

We represent domestic and foreign clients in execution proceedings before public notaries, courts and other authorized bodies in Croatia as well as conduct intermediary representation in the European Union through EU payment orders.

For you we monitor pre-bankruptcy settlements, bankruptcy proceedings and liquidations and we conduct necessary claims applications.