Amendments to the Labour Act

Amendments to the Labour Act On the 1 January 2023 amendments to the Labour Act will come into force, which will introduce certain changes to the regulation of labour relations in the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of harmonization with European Union directives. In relation to numerous changes, it is particularly important to highlight […]

Law on Protection of Reporters of Irregularities – Novelties and Amendments

Law on Protection of Reporters of Irregularities – Novelties and Amendments On 23 April 2022, the new Law on the Protection of Reporters of Irregularities (Official Gazette 46/2022) has entered into force. Article 21, paragraph 1 of the same law prescribes the obligation of the employer to adopt a new general act which will regulate […]

Vaccination and employment challenges

The global pandemic has brought a number of new challenges in business and in the regulation of employment in general. Unfortunately, without the support of the legislator and the change of labor regulations, employers were adrift in the organization of work in the new circumstances.

The role and obligations of employers in the enforcement of execution

For every execution creditor who seeks to involuntarly fulfill his claim, the most expedient way is the execution on execution debtor’s monetary claim, which is carried out by attachment and transfer directly to the execution creditor’s account.

Influence of pandemic COVID-19 on contractual and employment relations

Due to the declared pandemic of the disease COVID-19 (coronavirus), we are faced with an unprecedented challenge that is affecting the economy both nationally and globally. In times of health and financial insecurity, a number of questions are raised as to how this will affect contractual and labor relations.

Negative impacts of coronavirus and economic measures in Croatia

Declared pandemic of coronavirus has created a set of negative side effects on economy. In a special meeting held on 17th March, the Croatian government adopted a proposal for measures to help the economy involving 63 different measures which aim is the preserve jobs and secure salaries.